We hear (and have, ourselves, said) a lot of different pronunciations of the city where we’re living. The variety of inflections newcomers (and even some patrons) use when referring to this town are almost as numerous as the people who inhabit it. But no matter. We’ll know, as will the Hondurans in this area, what you really mean.

Siguatepeque is located almost directly between Honduras’s two largest cities, Tegucigalpa (the capital) and San Pedro Sula. And in fact, this little town is considered to be the exact geographical center of the Americas.

My wife Joanna and I are missionary teachers at Comunidad Educativa Evangélica (Siguatepeque Bilingual Christian School) in Honduras.

To say that the past month here in Honduras has been crazy would be the understatement of the century. But nonetheless, we have made it through the first two weeks of classes alive and well. Exhausted, but well.

Teaching high schoolers has been quite an experience, to say the least. We’ve certainly faced our trials already, but we’ve never been more sure that we are where God wants us to be. He has carried us through everything, and for that, we are more grateful than we can express.

As you can guess, we are all settled into our apartment here in Siguatapeque (pictures to come as soon as we get things a little more organized around here). It’s a great little place that already feels like home. Emma has adapted to life in Honduras much quicker than we could have expected, and God has taken care of us in every way.

This year, Joanna and I are teaching classes in English to grades 7 through 11, so we’ve seen a lot of new faces over the past few weeks. She is teaching grades 7-11 Physical Education, grades 7-9 Spelling, grades 7 & 8 Art, grade 10 Psychology, and grade 11 History. I’m teaching grades 7-9 Science (which includes Human Biology, Life Science, and Physical Science) and grades 10 & 11 English. So as you can see, this is going to be a busy year for the two of us, but already we have a love for teaching than can only be explained by the Holy Spirit’s work in us.

We want to go ahead and thank all of the people who have been supporting us along the way. We are truly thankful for your prayers and financial support, and we could not do it without you. Living in Honduras has been quite an adjustment, but God has brought us here, and we are so blessed to have the support from our family and friends that we do.

ˇGracias y adios!


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