May 2012

Weekend Adventures

Working in Honduras definitely has its perks when it comes to planning vacations. Living in Siguatepeque we are only about three hours from the Carribean Sea! Tela, a beach on the coast is usually our default when we decide we need a weekend away. As we are nearing the end of the school year and my time for the year all of the English teachers are looking to make the most of the time we have left in this beautiful country, so we have been planning a lot of weekend adventures. We have been to Tela two weekends in a row, once for a day with our Honduran friends who work at the Universal English Center and the second time for the whole weekend with most of the English staff.


Two weekends ago I traveled somewhere new near the largest lake in Honduras, Lago Yajoa. It was a little backpackers hotel a few kilometers from the lake right in the middle of the forest. It was a really cute place to stay and a new place for me which was nice, since the majority of places we have been this year I had visited last year. We celebrated two of our staff’s birthdays here complete with massages, nature boardwalk walks, cheesecake, an armadillo sighting, and more!


Finally this past weekend a bunch of us traveled to Valle de Angeles outside of Tegucigalpa. A missionary couple I have gotten to know over these two years had been a few times to this town and offered to take whatever teachers were interested in going. This was a really cute small town with a large selection of souvenir shops and little restaurants,etc. After spending a few hours there we headed back to Tegus where we stopped at a mall for lunch and a little shopping.




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Cultural Day

We had a wonderful culture day. The students in grades 7-9 constructed these booths that they decorated for the various departments of Honduras they represented. We had the privilege of acting as judges for the booths which meant learning a lot about the different departments of Honduras and eating a lot of delicious traditional Honduran food!

We also danced a traditional Honduran dance with the grade 11 students. Everyone had a lot of fun watching our dance and we were pretty popular afterwards - we received a lot of comments on how Honduran we looked, or that they had never seen a Honduran gringo before, or that they thought we danced better than real Hondurans...needless to say, it was a lot of fun!

Here are some pictures from the day:

Here are the students and Darrell getting the booths ready.

Comayagua is the department of Honduras that contains their capitol, Comayagua. We actually got to got here one weekend and see the oldest clock in all of the Americas. It still works the same way it did when it was built. Pretty neat!

Valle is a department by the sea that has a lot of produce.

Cortes is well known for their ports and shipping.

Santa Barbara is known for their wicker-work, hats and baskets, etc.

'Gracias a Dios' is a farming department in Honduras, and yes the students brought in a real cow for the day.

Atlantida is another coastal department that gave us delicious pina smoothies!

The Bay Islands are the most famous tourist destinations in Honduras.

Copan is known for their famous Mayan ruins. Check out their awesome homemade statue!

Even though grade 10 did not make a booth, they sold delicious Honduran food. Here are some of the foods sold by all the grades:

A delicious potato like dish and an 'India'.

A catratcha which is also the slang word for a Honduran.

A baleada, simple beans and cheese tortilla snack, but oh soooo good!

And of course our traditional Honduran Dancing! We look like real Catratchas.
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Honduran Food

Over our past four months here, Karen has had the opportunity to learn how to cook various types of traditional Honduran food. Darrell has had the opportunity to eat them.

Check out some pictures of Karen making homemade tortillas, refried beans, and fried plantains to make baleadas with our neighbors, Dixie, Reina, Zeida, and Nancy.

homemade refried beans

Platano Fritos - Karen's Favorite!

Making Tortillas

The finished product - to make a baleada, you simply take a tortilla, spread some refried beans, mantequilla, and cheese inside with your favorite toppings, in our case avacado and plantanos!

Everyone enjoying their baleadas.

Check out some pictures of Karen and her coworkers learning how to make papusas with our friend Becky Vega and her family.

First you have to chop up all the ingredients for the filling, toppings and sauce.

Then you have to grind your fillings so they become soft (kind of like ground beef)

When all the prep is done, you put your fillings inside the papusa dough, roll it into a ball, flatten the ball so it looks like a tortilla, then cook it like a pancake.

Karen got to be in charge of the grill.

The finished product - Papusas! mmmm, so delicious!
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CEE High School Musical!

Follow the link to find an amazing rendition of High School Musical... Honduran style :)

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