Siguatepeque Bilingual Christian High School
Admission Exams

To attend Comunidad Educativa Evangélica we require that students take admission exams to demonstrate their abilities in both Spanish and in English.  These admission exams help teachers have a better understanding of what level new students are currently at.  The Spanish exam includes a writing, reading, math, and spelling component. The English exam includes an oral, spelling, grammar, reading and writing component. Students will need to come both days to complete all the exams. Please call 504-2773-0107 to reserve a spot.



Requirements To Sign-Up 

o   Original Copy of Child's Birth Certificate 

o   Studies Certificate 

o  Behaviour Report from previous school 

o  Receipt proving payment from previous school



Information Below

o  Below you will find the information on the different topics that will be covered in class, what materials are used, how a class normally runs and general information about the institution. You'll also find tips on what you can do with their children during summer break to help prepare them for English classes.

o  Also you can find a list of required materials for each grade.  

o  Finally, there is the school's discipline plan for the specific school level 





If you would like more information about the costs of enrolling at CEE, please send an e-mail to or call 504-2773-0107. Thank you for your interest in our school! 


English Program Information - Grade 10 PDF Download
Lista de Materiales - 10 PDF Download
Requisitos del Instituto PDF Download
Secondary Discipline Plan PDF Download